Every person who experiences any medical condition, whether physical or mental, goes through pain. And that pain needs to be cured to live a happy and fulfilling life. We at Unitas United are ready to treat through integrated medicine, without judging you, to help you have a peaceful and pain-free life.

Here are the clinic timings.

8:30am to 9:00pm

9:00am to 7:00pm


Our clinic can host upto 30-40 people at any given time, following strict Covid-19 protocols..

Integrated healthcare is an approach towards treating all aspects of an individual patient's life. It encompasses mental health, physical, and social domains, aiming to combine different areas of medicine to treat patients holistically.

Primary care is a philosophy that guides UNITAS United forward. The fundamental belief behind primary care is people centred rather disease centred, aiming to address social, physical, and mental needs throughout a lifetime, rather than focusing on individual problems in isolation. Primary care is an approach guiding society-wide healthcare towards effectively addressing the broader issues in public health. UNITAS provides services consistent with the primary healthcare approach.

All age groups can be assessed and treated at UNITAS. We offer services for children, adults, and the elderly population! Anyone, irrespective of age or gender, is welcome at our clinic. We look forward to helping anyone and everyone seeking assistance.

UNITAS first began serving the community in 1983 and has been operational since.

Dr. Roman Pabis has lead UNITAS since the very first day of opening the clinic's doors. and continues to do so today!

UNITAS provides a different approach towards health by inculcating a focus on behavioral health and primary care. UNITAS treats patients holistically, combining the efforts of mental and physical health specialists to provide effective treatment plans for all kinds of problems faced by our patients.

UNITAS is located at 57 St Mark's Place New York, NY 10003, book an appointment with us today!

We partnered with various eateries to execute the first ever UNITAS United Community Drive, we utilized food vouchers to encourage more people in East Village, NY to get tested for Covid-19. Wo also installed UNITAS desks at all of our partner eateries to provide convenient check-ups for people with all kinds of potential problem. Lastly, all our partnered eateries began donating 30% of all earnings generated during Community Health Hour. These proceeds were directed towards even more Covid-19 relief initiatives.